A few days ago after our IDO on the SAFU platform ended, we announced that we would decide the future of KAWI together with our community; the Kawians. We decided to do this by “Community Vote”.

Our community has spoken and it’s clear that the majority has selected option 2: “use current funds as a seed round and start phase 2 of the IDO on a different launchpad”

However, we can’t ignore the fact that there is also a demand for “option 4”. Option 4 received a smaller amount of votes, but not small enough to be ignored. Therefore we…

So.. What’s Next?

We’ve always said KAWI is a governance token and we decided to listen to the community and put this in practice at the earliest possible moment, which is right now. We currently stand before the decision on how to proceed with the results of our IDO and therefore we would like to have the opinion of our Kawians.

Before diving into the details, we would like to give a big shout out and thanks to everyone who has put their trust in us and invested in Kawi World. We are proud of our community and overwhelmed by all the support…

Our raised funds explained!

As our IDO finally kicked off we have received many questions regarding the ways we would spend the raised BNB for this project.

At Kawi transparency and trust are some of the foundational building blocks that represent us. As such, here are some numbers that can bring insight to the estimated numbers from our IDO launch as means to live up to our ethos.

A big thank you to all our community members who have shown us support and enthusiasm! This wouldn’t be possible without you!

Please take your time to read through the following Medium to better understand how…

KAWI Token Sale FAQ

As our IDO date is coming closer, we have decided to make a little FAQ to make it easier for our Kawians to navigate frequently asked questions. Check them out below!

When is the IDO taking place?

The IDO will start on June 15th 12:00 UTC

How do I participate in the IDO?

You have 3 ways to participate in the IDO;

  1. If you are whitelisted you simply have to connect your wallet to the launchpad and then you can proceed to buy $KAWI.
  2. You have to hold some $SAFU to gain an allocation for the sale, the more $SAFU you hold the bigger allocation you have.
  3. There will be a Guest tier…

Our much-awaited $KAWI whitelist is now live. We would like to thank our community for showing constant support along the way as we build the biggest and most promising NFT-based game on the Binance Smart Chain.

You guys are amazing!

The Public Sale will be divided into two pools; the $SaFu Pool and our Exclusive Whitelist Community Pool.

This whitelist campaign is specifically for the Exclusive Whitelist Community Pool!

$Kawi x $SaFu IDO Details

  • IDO Date: 10–06–2021 15:00 CET
  • Total Token Supply: 147,000,000 KAWI
  • IDO Price: 1 KAWI = 0.000115 BNB
  • PCS Listing Price: 0.000145 BNB
  • Max Allocation Per Individual…

Kawi partners up with CEEZEE SAFU

We are happy to announce that our token sale will be held exclusively on CEEZEE SAFU’s Launchpad.
Kawi will premier as the first project to launch exclusively on the SAFU Launchpad.

$SAFU was formerly known as a meme project, however they’ve grown into an all-in-one cryptocurrency platform, making significant moves in the crypto space.

SAFU recently rewarded investors who have been rug pulled by organising a Rugged Charity Swap to give back to the community who fell victim to a rug pull.

Launching on SAFU will have several securities and guarantees for both users and projects which are making use…

Our team has received a ton of positive feedback this month, and the Kawi community is growing bigger and stronger every day. The community has been asking for it and now we are glad to finally present the $KAWI Tokenomics!

Welcome to our first Ask Me Anything!

Hi Kawians!

Glad to meet you, we are the main developers of Kawi;
Jermaine (J) and Danillo (D).

First of all we’d like to say that we have been completely overwhelmed by all the great questions we’ve received so far from our community. This clearly shows that the excitement for Kawi is growing!
Our main goal for this AMA will be that most concerns are off the table and you (as an investor or player) will have more confidence in this project.

Since there were a lot of questions, and also some which are quite alike, we’ve decided to bundle…

Get to know the creative minds behind Kawi

The Kawi team consists of gaming and crypto enthusiasts.

And even though we think life should be fun and not be taken too seriously, we do understand that some things need to be taken seriously.

As a future Kawian and possible investor of the project, we get that the player/investor who puts his money into Kawi wants to know that the team is capable and can be trusted.

Therefore, we have decided to have a dedicated page solely to introduce you to our team members.

Within Kawi, we believe that transparency is important so hereby we present you the core…

Hottest NFT game on BSC


Hello and welcome to Kawi!

Kawi is an Non Fungible Token (NFT) based game on the Binance Smart Chain which pays to play. Already excited? So are we!

Kawi is a new game on the Binance Smart Chain which allows players to invest in various assets in the form of NFT’s. These NFT assets will enable the owner to earn a passive income in the form of our native currency; $KAWI.

So imagine buying your mansion or skyscraper on top of that, and earn a passive income while doing so. It’s all possible within the realm of Kawi.

The Game

Browser-based MMO…


Kawi is a multiplayer social game with a virtual economy that reflects the real world. Kawi has its own internal economy and a virtual currency called $KAWI.

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