AMA With The Developers Of Kawi

Welcome to our first Ask Me Anything!

Hi Kawians!

Glad to meet you, we are the main developers of Kawi;
Jermaine (J) and Danillo (D).

First of all we’d like to say that we have been completely overwhelmed by all the great questions we’ve received so far from our community. This clearly shows that the excitement for Kawi is growing!
Our main goal for this AMA will be that most concerns are off the table and you (as an investor or player) will have more confidence in this project.

Since there were a lot of questions, and also some which are quite alike, we’ve decided to bundle the questions which are somewhat the same, and at the same time we’ve selected the best questions from all of the questions.

So our apologies if your question was not selected, please reach out to us through our Telegram if you have any questions which are not answered trough this article.

Without further ado, let’s start the AMA!

Cuchi61620389: What are your top 3 priorities for 2021? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

J: Our high level planning is outlined on the roadmap, which can be found on our website: So basically, delivering on those items, and most of all the launch of the game will be top priority. However, we’ll also give more focus and attention to our NFT’s and come up with some exciting things in that area even before the launch!

jacob16029881: It’s all looking very good! What was the main reason for you to start this project?

D: I like this question! Kawi was an idea which actually originated from 2017. It originally started with the name Bitconomy. Back in 2017 Smartcontracts were just becoming a thing, but there was too much network congestion.
The technology wasn’t evolved enough at that point.
So we put the idea on hold for a while, until we decided that now would be the right time to launch it. We rebranded Bitconomy to Kawi.

Anh79825597: Contract security is a big issue in DeFi. Has your smart contract been audited? How do you ensure the protection of users’ money so that users feel safe?

J: Security in general is an important topic for us at Kawi, which goes beyond the contracts. Our smart contracts aren’t audited yet, but they will be tested thoroughly by our team and then given up for an official audit. We have a lot of technical knowledge within the team to make sure we deliver a secure ecosystem where all funds are protected.

Trionfolive: Will there be planned listings on centralized exchanges? Thanks ! I love the project!

D: We will start out on PancakeSwap as we will be running on the Binance smartchain. But one of our goals is to get listed on centralized exchanges. For now we can’t comment too much on this subject, but make sure to follow our social channels.

kugata: Will we be able to make our own cars and houses or do some design? Any plans for consoles, like the Nintendo Switch in the future?

D: Kawi will start with NFT’s designed by our own team. Once the game is up and running, we will implement an interactive platform where users can submit their proposals for new NFT’s. Based on community votes we will implement these proposals. Kawi will start as a browserbased game, for now there are no plans to migrate to consoles.

Anh79825597: Investors are afraid of scams, exchanges are afraid of scams, partners are afraid of scam, so what does your project guarantee not to scam investors?

J: We believe that hard work pays off and our goal is to do exactly that. We didn’t just put out our public profiles in order to scam our community and to lose all credibility over a get rich overnight scam.
Kawi is our life’s dream and we will put our heart into it. We’re going to create the hottest NFT game on the Binance Smart Chain!

Minhhuy41055034: More and more investors only care about token price and profit in short term rather than long term and project health. How does $KAWI try to balance this issue?

J: Good question, this seems to become a common thing in crypto and is hard to completely avoid. However, we tried to build in a few measures in both the game and tokensale to prevent this.

To prevent price manipulation with large ‘whales’ we have a vesting period for Seed-sale investors which will make sure that the tokens are released slowly over time without crashing the price.

The private sale will have a relative small maximum allocation per person.

Because the $KAWI token actually has value within the Kawi ecosystem we believe this will give players/investors the incentive to rather use it to expand their empire (as this will give you more $Kawi), than to dump it on the market.

vuilenhond: Will Kawi be like Rollercoaster tycoon? Or more like Minecraft? What kind of storytelling game will it become?

D: the gameplay can be compared to a modern day version of the browserbased MMO game Maffia Wars. You are the designer of your own story.
Invest in property/NFT’s, earn staking rewards on them and build real life wealth through your empire!

(We’ve bundled the below questions as they were alike)
Cryptotrung: Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is your project also like this? If not can you tell us, What interesting topic makes your project different from other projects?

ladyofmamy: Many new projects made a good impression at first but were suddenly abandoned. My question is, how will you manage the project and token to gain a place in the market and become a best token in the blockchain world?

ladyofmamy: when i am seeing that many people lost money due to rug pull done by various projects like sushi , what unique feature you are offering me which going to protect my money and prevent these rug pulls?

J: Kawi, the game itself is based on an existing concept which proved successful already. When we try to mix that up with the advantages of the blockchain we think this could be a great success because of the following reasons:
As the game grows, the value of the $KAWI token should grow with it as the $KAWI token is actually used in the game for various reasons in the game itself. This should give investors incentive to hold/use the $KAWI token rather than to dump it on the market.

We try to prevent any whale manipulation by a vesting period for all seed investors who help to fund the project.
Private investors will receive a rather small allocation. This will result in more people starting out on the same level versus whales who have most tokens and can manipulate the price.

Regarding the rugpull question, we will lock a large amount of the raised funds in liquidity, making this project anti-rugpull.

Minhhuy41055034: Why is your project name “KawiWord” and what does it mean?

D: We were looking for a name not too serious and playful. Kawi is easy to pronounce and to remember. We welcome you to the world of Kawi. Sounds nice doesn’t it?

Dileshpatel107: Where did the story start with the team and this project, was it years in the making and matched made in blockchain heaven?

J: We started with this idea a few years ago because there was no such game at the time. Along the way we added several key elements to the idea and it has grown to what it is now. But the base originated from something we personally felt was missing at the time, therefore we believe this should be a great recipe for success!
What if the game aspect from the past browserbased MMO games gives you rewards which enable you to invest further and to expand your empire?
That’s why we created Kawi, the game which actually pays to play!

bigvillemedia: Awesome project! What I’m interested in is the possible e-commerce opportunities. Will it be possible to integrate a virtual store in which you can buys certain real world products with $KAWI or trade for a Kawi NFT? And will you guys also do something with AR?

D: At this time Kawi is a Browserbased MMO game without Augmented Reality options.
If Kawi turns out to be the success we hope it to be, we might consider the use of a Virtual store and expand the utility of the $KAWI token for purchase of various items. But for now we will focus on the current roadmap milestones as described in the Whitepaper.

Juanvoorde: Will the game be more like a playable game with tasks and stuff, or just an asset game where you just “stake” your assets for more $KAWI

D: Kawi is a lightweight browserbased MMO game, but this shouldn’t limit the fun nor the amount of time spent on it. As a reference it could be compared to a modern day version of the browserbased MMO game Maffiawars. Most cryptocurrency games are limited to just trading or staking an asset. Our aim is to launch a game which gives the user incentive to keep playing. With Kawi you can build your empire, earn staking rewards on your assets in the form of $KAWI, and use those funds to invest in more assets or trade them for other tokens on an exchange.
Kawi should be a game which you keep returning to on daily basis (the same way you keep checking your portfolio), it should be something that makes you excited, even when there are no complex 3D graphics involved.
Kawi will make browser games popular again!

vendrame_and: Will there be in the Kawi world the possibility to put in staking NFTs or other mechanisms that are new in the crypto space?

J: If you are referring to staking options, you surely are able to stake your Assets/NFT’s within Kawi. This will give you an option to farm more $Kawi and invest it back in the ecosystem of Kawi or sell it on exchanges for other cryptocurrencies.

Juanvoorde: What were the biggest challenges for the team when it came about designing this game ?

D: The biggest challenge for the team would be making sure our smart contract is safe, there will be a lot of interaction between the game-ui and the smart contract.

Because the $KAWI token represents actual value, we have to make sure this is properly tested in order for us to provide the security it needs

pepehan45227837: Will there be an aim to reach a wider audience than the usual DeFi space? The potential is huge for a more “everyday” crowd, if so.. How?

J: We’re starting out in the realms of cryptocurrency, but Kawi has the potential to grow beyond that. It could actually become a way for the ‘everyday crowd’ like you put it, to get introduced into crypto. There are multiple ways to achieve that, which we’ll all explore when we get to that phase of the project. Also let’s not forget Kawi is a game, with an added touch of the blockchain. The game aspect with the aspect of real funds should be enough to have the everyday crowd dipping their toes into Kawi.

Minhhuy41055034: More and more investors only care about token price and profit in short term rather than long term and project health. How does $KAWI try to balance this issue?

J: Good question, this is indeed a common thing and almost impossible to completely avoid. We have built in a few measures in the actual game but also in the period running up to the launch which incentivise holding $KAWI and prove the value of the token in the long term.

To prevent price manipulation with large whales we have a vesting period for Seedsale investors which will release tokens slowly without crashing the price. The private sale will have a relative small maximum allocation per person.

Because the $KAWI token actually has value within the Kawi ecosystem we believe this will give players/investors the incentive to rather use it to expand their empire within the Kawi ecosystem (as this will give you more $Kawi), than to dump it on the market.

kugata: Will there be asian style, sky- or underwater lands? Other transport than cars?

D: Kawi will be constantly evolving as long as there is demand for it. We will start out with seven continents and there will be several types of NFT’s available. Stay tuned to find out what we have in store!

Juanvoorde: Are there any great marketing plans coming up when the project is released ?

D: We have some marketing strategies in place, but we are also able to benefit from the hype that’s already surrounding it. We have future plans to trade our NFT’s on exchanges outside our Kawi ecosystem, each NFT is a marketing prop by itself. Next to that ,we will reach out to various news outlets. Both game and non game related. Last but not least we have some influencers on board from various platforms which believe in the project, and will try to make sure Kawi reaches the masses.

cryptotrung: Kindly explain more about your Tokenomics, Release Schedule and UTILITY, is it inflationary or deflationary? Thank you

J: Most information about tokenomics and utility can be found on our website: and also in our whitepaper. Before the tokensale we will update our tokenomics in regards to the release schedule. Please rest assured we have done whatever we thought was necessary to prevent price manipulation for our investors.

trantheanh_337: All project coins have their main Utilities & real-life usecase! So, Can you tell us what are the main role of your coin in your ecosystem? Explain it's Utilities & Real-Life usecases? and Why should i invest in your coin for long term?

D: Most of these questions can be found and answered trough our whitepaper. But to summarize: $KAWI is used to buy assets in the world of $KAWI.
$KAWI can also be used as a governance token to vote on upcoming proposals. $KAWI will be tradable on (decentralized) exchanges. As the game grows we will try to bring more utility to the token

Sammy123vn: What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market? In contrast, what is your weakness? How do you plan to overcome it?

J: Kawi is a non-Venture Capital supported project. This can seen as both an advantage and as a weakness.

The weakness is that many people might pass up on Kawi as they look for large Venture capitals to back this project. In reality when a large VC is funding a project, they also have a large stake in the project’s tokens, creating price manipulation. Kawi is mostly community driven.
The investors behind Kawi are people who actually believe in the project and want to see it succeed.

Christdada: What will be put in place to allow future Kawiian to compete in Kawi with early adopters and whales? What’s in it for small investor?

J: The NFT’s for the first batch of investors are more affordable than at a later in the project. So it pays to be early. Regarding whales, we made sure that the investors of all sale’s have some limitations so that price manipulation is not possible.

Wow, that were a lot of questions!
We thank our lovely community (or Kawians) who made this possible.
We sincerely hope to have answered most of your burning questions and you are just as excited as us for Kawi to become a reality.

Again our apologies if your question was not selected, please reach out to us through our Telegram if you have any question which are not yet answered.

Last but certainly not least:
The winners of the AMA who’ve won a guaranteed allocation for our upcoming tokensale are:


Congratulations! We will contact you trough DM on Twitter!

Thank you for your trust in Kawi

Jermaine & Danillo