Community Vote Results

A few days ago after our IDO on the SAFU platform ended, we announced that we would decide the future of KAWI together with our community; the Kawians. We decided to do this by “Community Vote”.

Our community has spoken and it’s clear that the majority has selected option 2: “use current funds as a seed round and start phase 2 of the IDO on a different launchpad”

However, we can’t ignore the fact that there is also a demand for “option 4”. Option 4 received a smaller amount of votes, but not small enough to be ignored. Therefore we decided to go for a hybrid form, which means we’ll launch another IDO round but also give the people who want a refund the ability to get a full refund of their investment.

IDO round 2
Meanwhile, we are doing our utmost best to get KAWI launched on one of the bigger Launchpads for round 2. We are already in talks with various launchpads, that have had sold out IDO’s in the past. We’ll ramp up on marketing and focus on growing the community. This has the added benefit of probably launching under better market conditions.

The KAWI IDO 2 listing price will be higher than the first IDO listing price.

What if I keep my KAWI tokens?
Our Kawians who stay with us, showing trust and faith in the game will be rewarded with:

  • Bonus Airdrops
  • Early Supporter Community NFT’s
  • Discount on the first NFT auction

The Bonus Airdrop will be a percentage of a to be announced amount.

The very exclusive Early Supporter Community (ESC) NFT will be minted once for our first Kawians. It will be announced at a later date when this will happen. This will benefit our Kawians later on this journey, so keep it safe.

As we all know, KAWI will host an NFT auction to sell the first assets to our Kawians. This is also the first time the Early Support Community NFT can be used as a voucher for a discount on the first NFT auction.

What if I want a Refund?
The refund option will be done within the SAFU launchpad, here you can swap your KAWI tokens back for BNB the same way you swapped your BNB for KAWI. The refund option will be available until the Kawi token is launched on PancakeSwap.

The refund option will become available as soon as possible. We will inform the community as soon as this option is available.

We from the Kawi team would like to thank all of you for the support we are getting. We will do the most to make sure the future of Kawi will be a glorious one!

About Kawi

Kawi is a social game with a virtual economy that reflects the real world. Kawi has its own internal economy which is supported by a virtual currency called ‘KAWI’. Residents can earn KAWI by participating in everyday life activities like buying and owning property. Kawi is based on the principles of some of the real world’s economics, brought together in a browser-based MMO game.

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Kawi is a multiplayer social game with a virtual economy that reflects the real world. Kawi has its own internal economy and a virtual currency called $KAWI.