Kawi Token Sale FAQ

KAWI Token Sale FAQ

As our IDO date is coming closer, we have decided to make a little FAQ to make it easier for our Kawians to navigate frequently asked questions. Check them out below!

When is the IDO taking place?

The IDO will start on June 15th 12:00 UTC

How do I participate in the IDO?

You have 3 ways to participate in the IDO;

  1. If you are whitelisted you simply have to connect your wallet to the launchpad and then you can proceed to buy $KAWI.
SAFU Launchpad Tiers

What wallet do I have to use to join the sale?

Any wallet that supports the Binance smart chain can be used for the sale.

What token do I have to use to participate?

We accept BNB.

Do all pools start at the same time?

Yes, all pools will start at the same time and will be first come first serve.

What is first come first serve?

First come first serve means that whoever purchases the fastest will receive the tokens first. This is the most fair way for anyone to participate, so make sure to be ready!

If I am whitelisted, can I still hold $SAFU to participate for a higher allocation?

Yes this is possible.

Is there a vesting period for the $KAWI tokens if I participate in the IDO?

No. The tokens will be 100% Unlocked.

On what exchange will $KAWI be listed?

We will list $KAWI on pancake swap shortly after the IDO.

For more information;

About Kawi

Kawi is a social game with a virtual economy that reflects the real world. Kawi has its own internal economy which is supported by a virtual currency called ‘KAWI’. Residents can earn KAWI by participating in everyday life activities like buying and owning property. Kawi is based on the principles of some of the real world’s economics, brought together in a browser based MMO game.

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