Kawi’s IDO Hardcap & Softcap

Our raised funds explained!

As our IDO finally kicked off we have received many questions regarding the ways we would spend the raised BNB for this project.

At Kawi transparency and trust are some of the foundational building blocks that represent us. As such, here are some numbers that can bring insight to the estimated numbers from our IDO launch as means to live up to our ethos.

A big thank you to all our community members who have shown us support and enthusiasm! This wouldn’t be possible without you!

Please take your time to read through the following Medium to better understand how we will be using our funds. The breakdown not only help you better understand how funds will be used, but also take away possible questions or concerns you may have. Rest assured your funds are well spent.

Hardcap explained: 3888 BNB

As numbers may fluctuate depending on the capped amount, a detailed breakdown will further follow once the IDO has been completed.

  • Liquidity 20%
  • Game Development 30-35%
  • Graphics Design 10–15%
  • Marketing 20–25%
  • CEX Listing 10–15%

Our softcap: 1985 BNB

The minimum required amount to launch Kawi would be 1985 BNB.

(BONUS:) Major Update on remaining tokens!

In contrast to what we communicated earlier, we revisited our strategy and changed what we’ll do with the remaining tokens if the hardcap isn’t reached:

To show gratitude to all investors, we have decided the following; of all leftover tokens:

  • 50% will be burned
  • 50% will be used for our Liquidity Mining program. This Liquidity Mining program will give participants who will provide Liquidity for Kawi a large bonus % APY in rewards! The exact APY will be announced once we reach that stage.

We hope the above breakdown is clear. Feel free to reach out to us through our official Telegram Chat: t.me/Kawi_world if you have any more questions!

We are grateful for your trust in us, and we look forward to welcoming you to Kawi!

About Kawi

Kawi is a social game with a virtual economy that reflects the real world. Kawi has its own internal economy which is supported by a virtual currency called ‘KAWI’. Residents can earn KAWI by participating in everyday life activities like buying and owning property. Kawi is based on the principles of some of the real world’s economics, brought together in a browser-based MMO game.

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