Meet The Team

Get to know the creative minds behind Kawi

The Kawi team consists of gaming and crypto enthusiasts.

And even though we think life should be fun and not be taken too seriously, we do understand that some things need to be taken seriously.

As a future Kawian and possible investor of the project, we get that the player/investor who puts his money into Kawi wants to know that the team is capable and can be trusted.

Therefore, we have decided to have a dedicated page solely to introduce you to our team members.

Within Kawi, we believe that transparency is important so hereby we present you the core team of Kawi.

Meet Rudolf


Meet Rudolf aka Randalph, the sniper of the team. While being a front-end developer during the day, Rudolf is a hardcore Warzone player at night.

Taking care of the marketing, Rudolf puts his rifle scope in front of him to make sure he has an excellent aim at amazing partnerships. Both his eyes and mind are fixated on taking Kawi to the next level.

While Kawi isn’t a shooter game, he can’t wait to engage with thousands of other Kawians.

Meet Danillo


Meet Danillo aka Danylo an ex-unreal tournament sensei (who can’t let go of the past, and still thinks he holds that crown), current COD Warzone addict, and total Fortnite hater.

He holds a Bachelor of Information Engineering and a Master of Science from The Free University in the Netherlands. He is a fanatic developing lead/architect who has 10+ years of experience. He has been actively developing software for the web and has built applications on all popular platforms over the years. He has worked for some of the top 20 companies (e.g. KLM, ABN-AMRO eBay, RTL, Rabobank, Nike) within the Netherlands, in which he has had various key positions. He wrote his master thesis about Net Neutrality at PwC.

Danillo gained interest in bitcoin and started mining Bitcoins back in 2012, after that he never lost his interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related technology. After launching a few projects of his own during 2013 and 2019, of which some were successful and some were not, he decided to step down from the stressful world of crypto, to spend more time with his kids. After a year of absence, he couldn’t let go of the idea of making a cryptocurrency-based game and got involved with the right people to create Kawi.

Meet Jermaine


Jermaine Co-founded and managed multiple tech startups over the past years. He holds a master’s degree in Software Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, combined with over 15 years of experience in software development. In addition to working on projects for many large multinationals such as Nike, Transavia and Royal Dutch Shell, Jermaine is also experienced in working with smaller teams. Within Kawi he’s responsible for defining and implementing the technological road map.

Meet Luciano


Meet Luciano aka Lucky Luce, the mage of critique. The guy who’s challenging every idea and concept which flourishes from the creative minds within Kawi. Being an operations specialist in real life he makes sure that all ideas align with what the player actually wants while making sure it’s achievable.

He also takes care of the internal logistics making sure the devs can merely focus on the development side of the project.

Final Fantasy VII is his all-time favorite game.

Meet Angelo

Meet Angelo aka Angie, the best gamer on our team. Having achieved multiple top ranks in different games he is now aiming to achieve to be the best marketeer and community specialist of Kawi. Having experience with both Google and Facebook ads and running a successful online business he is our go-to for marketing and communication purposes.

Angie has been a crypto enthusiast since 2014 and knows all the ins and outs of the crypto space.

About Kawi

Kawi is a new game on the Binance Smart Chain with its own virtual currency; $KAWI. Inhabitants or ‘Kawians’ are able to buy unique assets in the form of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) which will generate staking rewards in the form of the $KAWI currency, which fuels the ‘Kawiconomy’.

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