The future of KAWI

So.. What’s Next?

We’ve always said KAWI is a governance token and we decided to listen to the community and put this in practice at the earliest possible moment, which is right now. We currently stand before the decision on how to proceed with the results of our IDO and therefore we would like to have the opinion of our Kawians.

Before diving into the details, we would like to give a big shout out and thanks to everyone who has put their trust in us and invested in Kawi World. We are proud of our community and overwhelmed by all the support we have been receiving.
Even though we still raised an enormous amount of over 500 BNB (our sale didn’t go completely as planned). We had a rocky start and the market conditions became worse during the week. However, there was a lot of support from our loyal community members pushing us to continue Kawi World. Because of that, we came up with the following 4 options, which all Kawi holders can review and vote on which one they like best.

Option 1: Extending the IDO

We extend the sale by one week and line up promotion and marketing efforts to get as close to the soft cap as possible. After the extra week we’ll launch Kawi World and start building on the first item on our roadmap, which is the NFT Marketplace. As an added benefit every investment will receive an airdrop in $KAWI tokens.

Option 2: IDO round 2

We close the IDO and announce a second round on another (bigger / mainstream) launchpad. We consider the current IDO participants as seed investors (from a price point of view, no token lockup) and will increase the price for the second IDO round.
For those selecting this option, and with that show they have faith in Kawi World we will make sure these investors will receive a Bonus airdrop. Not only that, we will also design a premium Early supporter NFT which will have actual benefits in the game: Discount on premium NFT’s, be among the first to be able to purchase anything Kawi has to offer before anyone else.
Meanwhile while waiting for the IDO launch we’ll ramp up on marketing and focus on growing the community. This has the added benefit of probably launching under better market conditions.

We are currently considering and have been in contact with the following launchpads:

  • SuperStarter

But we’re also exploring other options to make sure it’s in best Interest for Kawi.

Option 3: Launch ‘as is’

We launch the project as is, with the currently raised funds.
However, with the current funds the focus will be on launching the NFT Marketplace.

After we’ve launched the Marketplace and sold the NFT’s of the first KAWI continent, we’ll assess the state of the project and determine whether it is healthy to continue the development of Kawi World.

Option 4: Refund

We respect the option that people might want a refund and swap their Kawi tokens back to BNB. Depending on the users that have faith in the project and keep their investment we’ll determine the future of the project. However, most likely this will mean termination of the project.

Using your $KAWI governance power to vote

As described in the whitepaper, the $KAWI token will be used as a governance token. This means that it will give the holder of the token the ability to vote for upcoming changes throughout the project.
Everyone who has bought $KAWI during our IDO will be able to connect to the voting platform.
Based on the amount of $KAWI tokens you are holding you will receive Voting Power. (VP).

Below are the $KAWI holdings and the voting power which goes with it.

0 - 8696 KAWI (or 1 BNB Invested) 1 VP
8696 - 26086 KAWI (or 1 BNB - 3 BNB invested) 2 VP
26086 - 43479 KAWI (or 3 BNB - 5 BNB invested) 3 VP
> 43479 $KAWI (or more than 5 BNB invested) 4 VP

The voting platform will be released as soon as possible. The winning option will decide the future of Kawi World. And with that, the future of Kawi World lies in your hands.

About Kawi

Kawi is a social game with a virtual economy that reflects the real world. Kawi has its own internal economy which is supported by a virtual currency called ‘KAWI’. Residents can earn KAWI by participating in everyday life activities like buying and owning property. Kawi is based on the principles of some of the real world’s economics, brought together in a browser-based MMO game.

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