Welcome To Kawi

Hottest NFT game on BSC


Kawi is an Non Fungible Token (NFT) based game on the Binance Smart Chain which pays to play. Already excited? So are we!

Kawi is a new game on the Binance Smart Chain which allows players to invest in various assets in the form of NFT’s. These NFT assets will enable the owner to earn a passive income in the form of our native currency; $KAWI.

So imagine buying your mansion or skyscraper on top of that, and earn a passive income while doing so. It’s all possible within the realm of Kawi.

The Game

What started with games such as RuneScape or Mafia Wars eventually evolved over the years. In 2017 we’ve seen the first NFT based game ‘Cryptokitties’ taking over the entire Ethereum network sending gas fees through the roof. Needless to say, this was a massive success.

The recent success from NFT based games like Polkamon or Crypto Punks shows that till this date there is a lot of interest in this genre. With KAWI we aim to combine the success of all the above elements into a highly addictive and enjoyable game which pays the player at the same time! Invest in a new or existing property. Check out the NFT marketplace for sweet deals. Use the power of the $KAWI token to decide the future of Kawi.

Are you ready to claim your Kawian citizenship?

The $KAWI Token

  • Participate in the NFT marketplace
  • Vote for upcoming changes in the game
  • Vote for what kind of NFT’s we will bring out in the future
  • Participate in lotteries and have a shot at exclusive loot boxes with rare NFT’s

$KAWI is both a currency and governance token in the world of Kawi and with it, we aim to create a tight community between the builders of Kawi and the participants in it, our so called “Kawian”citizens.

Stay in touch!

Kawi is a multiplayer social game with a virtual economy that reflects the real world. Kawi has its own internal economy and a virtual currency called $KAWI.